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Selling your business completely outright or the majority of shares.

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Why you might partner with ME and the benefits to you

A lot of people have trouble either growing their business or have gotten it to a certain point but can’t take it further. I can not only help, but can also completely take it off your hands. I’ll acquire all or a majority of the business shares if it meets my criteria. If you mutually agree I’m a great fit for the sale, I’ll take on the responsibility of seeing your “baby” grow to what you wanted it to be in the first place.

What it looks like in terms of ownership/operations

I can acquire the business entirely or can acquire a majority share wherein you can remain as a silent partner. More of a “work” with me rather than partner with us option.

Some of the criteria I look for:

∙ Minimum to $500k sale price
∙ No less than $15k in monthly net income
∙ Preferable 2 years minimum age
∙ 60% product profit margin
∙ eCommerce focused [off Amazon]

The Process

The process goes through 5 phases. In short, my executive assistant will evaluate the potential of the business using a unique scoring system I developed and if it scores high enough to illustrate that the missed opportunities and risks that come with acquiring and scaling the business are aligned to our strengths, we will then push it into a methodical, comprehensive due diligence process prior to acquisition.


Finding the right fit

Step one is filling our pipeline with businesses that meet our initial criteria.

Some of these criteria are: Business Type, Age, Asking Price, Multiple, Product Margin, Niche, etc.



Step two is to evaluate the companies that passed the initial criteria.

We’ll evaluate things like: Evaluating the IP, Assets, Inventory, logistics, Marketing, Customer Service, Finances, Identify Clear Wins, etc.


Purchasing & Financing

Step three is making the acquisition and finalizing the deal.

From taking on all risk mitigation, structuring the deal and any earn outs, to ensuring we keep the previous owner vested for enough time for a smooth transition of the business.



Step four is working with the broker, seller and Impremis to ensure a smooth migration of all assets and knowledge needed to operate the business



Step five, we will start to scale and operate the business.

We’ll also finalize a growth and exit plan for the online asset.

Why Invest in Online Assets with Me

If 9/10 companies fail within the first few years, and only 4% of companies in the USA do over a million dollars in revenue, it only makes sense to buy a cash flow positive asset with revenue of 1M USD or more (of course this excludes numerous other variables to be considered). It has a proven model, a track record, and in some cases, has beat out over 90% of companies in the US in terms of performance – illustrating a more stable growth in parallel to being an online business which has a higher tendency to have more ease of scaling than say a retail business or real estate investment.

  • Icon Low management fees
  • Icon Extensive due diligence
  • Icon Skin in the game
  • Icon Opportunity to diversify investments
  • Icon Gain higher rewards due to scalability

How Can I Help?

Grow your business or invest in one with me and start maximizing your potential ROI.